We Back

Today’s post is going to be about starting up again. It’s a meta topic as that’s what I’m doing right here.

A quick note: I was very happy to hear from some readers wondering where the content had gone. It didn’t go anywhere; it was just taking a nap.

The short answer is I’ve had some time- and mental-capacity-consuming projects, which is good. But that’s bad for this newsletter.

It’s hard to start up again. Any number of forces, controllable or not, internal or external, can trip you up and stop progress.

This is likely something you have contended with in your unconventional career. When a huge project wraps up, you likely want to take some time to rest and reflect. When you control your schedule and workload, it’s a luxury of which you should absolutely take advantage.

Getting that recharging period “right” is pivotal. Take too little time, and you feel overwhelmed. Take too much and lethargy sets in. I am not too proud to admit the latter happened here.

When it’s a paying gig, you can usually cut through anything. When it’s a labor of love – or the beginning of something you hope is going to be big – it’s harder to restart and get moving.

Well, I’m moving again. And I promise I won’t go on another hiatus without making it abundantly clear. Not because I have any expectations that you sit in the darkness wondering where I’ve went. But because it’s good for personal accountability to avoid letting things atrophy and/or die. Make proactive decisions, communicate them, and overdeliver.

That’s the motto for now.